IT Management

As your technology partner, we take responsibility for your systems. Making sure everything is as desired, constantly.

IT Management - IT Support.
IT Management - IT Support - Helpdesk and Support.

Vendor Management

We become partners with you, relentlessly defending you before vendors, ensuring that you get only the best deal possible. We have helped dozens of businesses in Iowa manage their hardware, software, and internet vendors, streamlining their operations and helping them cut back unnecessary and unwanted costs.

  • Successfully reduced recurring operational expenses (Internet circuits) by $103,000 per year.
  • Moved to Microsoft 365 while reducing overall Microsoft licensing spend by 25%.
  • Negotiated $110,000 savings in non-recurring expenses related to credits, concessions, and billing errors for Internet circuits.

Regulatory Compliance

To maintain your reputation with compliance bodies, you need a credible plan ensuring you have no unwanted surprises. We have the capacity and certifications to help you stay compliant, by implementing a holistic Information Security Program to address regulatory compliance findings.

  • Certified Banking Cybersecurity Manager (CBCM)
  • Financial institutions (community banks & credit unions)
  • Medical & Dental practices, professional (CPA & law offices) and manufacturing
IT Management - Regulatory compliance.
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Cyber security &

Many businesses are purely digital. Imagine if your data was lost. It happens more often than you think. Whether it is an outside attack, or internal corruption, we ensure your business' continuity.

  • Most advanced anti-cyber-attack technology on the market.
  • Incredible anti-virus and anti-malware solutions.
  • Data management systems ensure that everything is secure internally.
  • Onsite training to reduce human error are suggested.
IT Management - IT Support - Cyber security and anti-virus.
IT Management - IT Support - Data backup and recovery.

Data backups & disaster recovery

What happens in case of a fire or flood? Data is fragile. Every business requires back-ups on multiple geographic locations.

  • Data is stored on various locations, while keeping in mind any legal restrictions, such as imposed by the GDPR.
  • We execute 'backup restore tests', to ensure you do not experience any unpleasant surprises.
  • We include backups for your services providers, such as Microsoft365.

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